Fit for the future

The goal of Dubai Sports City has always been to create a diverse and prosperous community, not just for today, but for many generations to come. We’ve embraced the Dubai Government’s initiative to reduce carbon emissions. One of the sustainable steps we’ve taken is to install solar-powered street lighting throughout our master communities. And on a larger scale, we have plans to use our buildings as a solar farm to generate some of our own electricity – greatly reducing the load on the Dubai grid.

DUBAI sports city


Sports Village

The epicenter of Dubai Sports City’s sporting action, Sports Village is home to a number of venues with pitches, courts and state-of-the-art facilities for every major sport. There are real and artificial football pitches, cricket ovals and indoor nets, and plenty of spaces for spectators to enjoy the sporting action. With programmes for athletes of all ages and skill levels, this is the place where games are perfected, stars are created, and a passion for sport is lived and breathed every single day.

Dubai International Stadium

Dubai International Stadium has well and truly put Dubai Sports City on the international sporting map. With a seating capacity of 25,000 and a pitch diameter of 148m, the multi-purpose venue has played host to many international sporting events as well as a number of concerts.

ISD Dubai

ISD – is home to award winning multiple sports academies, court, pitch, track rentals and a center for sports science, all at the heart of Dubai Sports City.

ISD is where Laliga Football Academy and ISD Padel, ISD Tennis, ISD Athletics Academies are based. State of the art facilities include; 6 full size outdoor natural grass pitches, an outdoor and indoor 3G turf pitch, 4 outdoor tennis courts, 3 outdoor and 6 indoor Padel courts. Our stadium has Olympic standard 9-lane running track with seating capacity for 2,500 spectators.

All ISD Academies are managed and supported by world class coaching teams.


Discover Dubai, a destination you must experience. From its majestic hotels that redefine luxury to its world-class sports facilities that host international events, Dubai offers an unforgettable journey. Immerse yourself in the opulence of its hospitality and be amazed by its cutting-edge sports venues. Whether you're a sports enthusiast or a traveler seeking elegance, Dubai's blend of extravagance and athleticism will leave you in awe. Come and witness the perfect fusion of luxury and sports in this vibrant city.